Energy Efficiency

After a comprehensive on-site Home Energy Evaluation to diagnose the causes of high utility bills and energy loss, we will help you prioritize what changes will save you the most energy and have the greatest reduction on your utility bills. We will identify relevant rebates based on implemented recommendations, and where applicable complete the paperwork and submit the application on your behalf.

Additional Information on Incentive Programs

  • Incentive programs vary considerably from state to state. Find out more about programs in your area by visiting the Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy (DSIRE)
  • In California, solar rebates are administered through the California Solar Initiative (CSI). The amount of the rebate depends on the size of your solar system and how much electricity it is estimated to produce. To check the current rebate levels in your area, check the CSI Trigger Tracker website
  • In California, incentives are available for a wide range of energy efficiency upgrades. To learn more about availability in your area visit Energy Upgrade California
  • To find out exactly how much you can save through incentive programs, call us to set up a free consultation.