Patriotic Power Solutions Launches American based Renewable Energy Operations in California

"Your American Energy Solutions!"

Aliso Viejo, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Patriotic Power Solutions LLC today announced the opening of its Southern California offices and operations. The highly experienced team of Patriotic Power Solutions Energy Company is now serving all Southern California and sees unlimited potential in this market. The company is committed to “Made in America” with solar systems provided by American manufacturers like SolarWorld-USA. The operations will continue the commitment to educate the homeowner and client regarding solar solutions. We are striving to provide the “Best of the Best” solar systems and service in the California market. Southern California is one of the best markets for solar systems with most of Southern California receiving sunlight over 80% of the year.

California continues to set the pace for green policy, practice, and economic opportunity. In 2011 California set aggressive renewable energy goals requiring that one third of the state’s electricity come from renewable sources. In addition, California continues to have some of the highest electricity rates in the country. Operationslaunched in California of Patriotic Power Solutions will place “Made in America” a priority within the Residential Solar Business. Patriotic Power Solutions from its founding has been committed to “Made in America” solar panels, equipment, installation, and monitoring

Patriotic Power Solutions is committed to US manufacturers, US workers, and installation teams. We also take this patriotism a step further in striving to maximize our business by providing employment and contractual work to our returning Veterans and Non-Active Servicemen.

“Homeowners through-out California have seen their monthly electric bills consistently go higher every year for decades. Our new Orange County operations are now selling solar electricity lower than what the big utilities charge. It is now time for the Southern California homeowner to take control of the energy bills with a “Made in USA” solar solution from Patriotic Power,” said Paul Stevens the CEO of Patriotic Power Solutions LLC. Mr. Stevens continued, “We focus intently with our clients to provide them the significant financial and tax benefits information that is available in owning their own power now while providing several different financing solutions.”

About Patriotic Power Solutions LLC:

Patriotic Power Solutions is a full service residential and select commercial solar and energy efficiency solutions company. Providing quality solar system solutions of SolarWorld and providing benefits and donations to Wounded Warriors Project and Fisher House Foundation on select client installations. Your Home, Your Energy, Your Future

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