Energy Storage

How Battery Storage Will Change the Household Energy Market

Battery storage is now an emerging opportunity. Some companies are already rolling out battery storage packages, and the industry forecasts a significant drop in costs in coming years.

Grid-Tied Battery Back-Up

Grid-tied battery backup systems are a merging of the continual power provided by the utility grid and the ability to be completely independent in the event of a power outage. Unlike simple grid-tied inverters, grid-tied battery backup systems are able to supply power to a home or business in the event of a power outage. It is this ability to provide uninterrupted power supply (UPS) that makes grid-tied battery backup so popular with hospitals and telecommunications center. Below is a potential Battery Back-Up design for a home or business.

Battery back-up systems are similar to a grid-tied with the addition of a charge controller and battery bank. With the addition of a battery bank and charge controller the flow of energy is shifted slightly. Instead of flowing directly from the solar array to the inverter, the DC power now is channeled first through the charge controller and then to the batteries. Once a battery bank is fully charged a battery backup system acts like a typical grid-tied system until the event of a grid failure, where it allows the home to pull power from the batteries.