Full Service Solution

Patriotic Power Solutions is a full service residential solar and energy efficiency solutions company. Following are five basic steps for you to start saving energy in your home.

Step 1: Free In-Home Sales Consultation whereby your solar system is sited, sized, and sign an agreement with Patriotic Power Solutions to install your solar system for you.

Step 2: Design & Installation (design, permitting, and shipping your Patriotic USA system for installation).

Step 3: Inspections (by the local inspector and your utility company).

Step 4: Interconnection (system commissioned and interconnected to your utility)

Step 5: Enjoy your savings! Let your family and friends know so they can save too!

  • Southern California homeowners will “Save” $80,000.00-$120,000.00 in offset Electric cost over the lifespan of your new “USA Made” Patriotic Power Solutions solar system based upon an average of 6KW to 10KW.

Solar Financing with Patriotic Power Solutions Makes it Easy to Go Solar Today

Solar power has never been more affordable. Installation costs and solar panel prices have gone down while residential electrical rates have increased over the last decade. With so many solar financing options, you can certainly find one that's right for you to get solar panels for your home today.